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Earl, the son of Curtis and Frieda Marshall (Morganthaler) was born on April 11, 1911 at the family farm house on Barryville, Road, Maple Grove Township, Barry County, Michigan.

Earl married BERNECE ELSIE HALLOCK 1-5 who was born on August 23, 1916.. Earl and Bernece had three children, Arloa Doreen, Marvin Earl and Dean Ray.

Bernece Hallock is the daughter of Tracy and Hazel (Mathews) Hallock.  Earl and Bernece purchased a 95 acre farm at 4144 Barryville Road in 1940. The family moved there in 1944. Bernece is currently living with Dean Marshall in Illinois.

The Marshall Family farm has been unoccupied since Bernece moved to live with her son Dean in Illinois. Marvin and Robyn Marshall, who are currently residing in Australia plan to live much of the year at the farm starting in 2006. Earl was a precision tool grinder during WWII in Detroit, Michigan. Besides keeping up the farm which was fully stocked with cattle, Earl worked full time at Hastings Piston Rings before moving to E.W. Bliss where he worked until his death in 1977.

Bernece worked for years at the Barry county facility for the aged as a cook. Bernece died on May 20, 2005 at the age of 89.

Earl, at age 66, died on February 7, 1977. 
Earl and Bernece are buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Nashville, Michigan. -
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It was Earl's wishes that the Marshall Family Farm stay in the Marshall Family name and in case of difficult financial times, the farm would be available to the extended Marshall Family to survive on. To see photo of this beautiful property and memories of Marvin Earl Marshall who grew up on this Michigan farm - (see below for Aerial View of Farm)

- Earl Graduation Photo - 1928 - - Aerial view of the Marshall Farm 4144 Barryville Rd. Nashville, TX about 1954










Earl Samuel Marshall


6 months old

(see penny post card, next photo, which is on the reverse of this photo)


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Post card January 5, 1912 from Earl Marshall's mom Frieda Morgenthaler Marshall to Clem Kidder Bellevue, Michigan regarding photo on reverse side.

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Earl Marshall

1915-16 about 6 years of age.

Earl Marshall - 1917

Classmate photo. Earl holds black-board saying the name of the country one-room school house -

Branch No. 7

Earl Marshall - 1918 working for neighbor Leslie Adams. Here tending a team of horses pulling a mold-board plow.

Earl Marshall with 'enthusiastic' classmates at Branch School house.



Earl with his horse. Earl said that he road a horse 8 miles to attend High School. Not known if this was the horse he rode at that time.


High School classmates.


Earl Samuel Marshall

High School Graduation photo


First known High School graduate coming out of the George Marshall Tree - who was born in 1785.

Earl Marshall's dog Ben



Earl Marshall proudly stands by his brand new 1931 Ford Roadster.

Earl Marshall and Bernece Hallock

Bernece Hallock in Earl Marshall new roadster.


Earl Marshall, his mother and father Curtis and Frieda Mashall and Earl's young neice Dawn Marshall.


L to R

Bernece Hallock Marshall
Earl Marshall
Letha Hallock Chlystek
Edward Chlystek

Wynonna White

Photo taken at Frank Hallock Jr. farm on Hallock Road northwest of Battle Creek, Michigan

Circa - 1939

Photo at his mother's (Frieda Marshall) home, 5384 Barryville Road, Nashville, Michigan.


Earl and Bernece took Earl's mom Frieda on a trip to the Straits of Mackinac.




Ear Marshall standing at the reflecting pool between the Washington and Lincoln Monuments.

Earl is looking at the Lincoln Monument.



Earl Marshall's new 1941 Ford.

Pictured with daughter Arloa.



Big day for Earl Marshall on his 31st birthday - April 11, 1942 as he bought what is now the Marshall Farm at 4144 Barryville Road, Nashville, Michigan

Photo taken at Frieda Marshall's farm also on Barryville Road.

Earl, Bernece, Arloa and Marvin Marshall move from Marshall, Michigan to this home at 15424 Trinity Street, Detroit, Michigan.

Earl took job there as a precision tool maker. Company made measuring blocks that was used to determine the accuracy of micrometers. Very important work for a city that was tooled up for WWII.


Earl and Bernece Marshall in front yard of new home in Detroit.


Earl Marshall


Earl Marshall

Fred Feutz

September 20, 1942

Fred Feutz was Earl Marshall and Clarence McElvey's foreman in 1930 while they worked on the crew who built M-37 from Battle Creek to Hastings, Michigan.

(Clarence McElvey 25 years later bought Frieda Marshall's farm and was a life long friend of Earl Marshall's from the time they worked together in 1930)



Arloa Marshall inspects rather well-proportioned snow woman sculptured by Earl Marshall.


Work-mates in Detroit, Michigan.

L to R

Earl Marshall
Carl Mead (previous classmate)
Doyle Marshall (Earl's cousin)


Earl Marshall and daughter Arloa. Rows boat while visiting Bernece's Aunt Fern.


Earl Marshall Photo taken at Pine Lake, Michigan where Bernece's Aunt Fern resides.


Earl Marshall feeds deer some chocalate while at Arizona Grand Canyon.

Earl, Bernece, Ted and Helen Fisher took a 6-weeks trip to California.


Earl Marshall pictured with Ted Fisher.

Ted and Helen Fisher were life-long friends of Earl and Bernece since Earl worked with Ted in machinest trade school in the 30's.





Missing photo now found of farm during this year the Marshall Family moved from Detroit to the Barryville Road farm, Nashville, Michigan



Earl Marshall

First crop of wheat in 4.5 acre west field - Earl is standing at the back side of 3/4 acre garden.


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October 12, 1947

Arloa and Marvin ready for school bus to take them to Nashville. Arloa atended there from grade 5 through 12. Marvin from kindergarten through 12.

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Don't remember.


L to R back row

Hazel Mathews Hallock Tester
Alfred Tester
Guila Hallock
Earl Marshall

L to R Middle Row

Darrell Tester
Arloa Marshall

L to R Front

Elaine Tester
Marvin E Marshall

Photo in front of mulberry tree. Marvin spent lots of time up in the tree during the summers eating the mulberries. Arloa remembers the mulberries turning her bare-feet blue.


L to R

Augustus 'Gus' Morgenthaler (Frieda's brother)
Earl Marshall
Marvin Marshall
Arloa Marshall
Frieda Morgenthaler Marshall

July 4, 1948




L to R

Frieda Morgenthaler Marshall

Earl Marshall

Augustus Morgenthaler



Earl Marshall drives Ford-Fergeson tractor with Connie Chlystek on his lap and Arloa Marshall at the controls on side delivery hay-rake.

Photo on North 8 acre field on Marshall 95-acre farm.


Earl Samuel Marshall

Newly planted grapevine west of farm house.

Burr Fassett's barn in background.


Frieda Morganthaler Marshall

funeral gathering at Earl and Bernece Marshall home.

L to R.

Bob Marshall
wife -

Earl Samuel Marshall
Bernece Elsie Marshall
Harry Mix
Alice Burchett Marshall





1974, Feb 28

Earl Samuel Marshall

recieves award pin for 25 years of service

for E.W. Bliss Co., Hastings, MI.

Earl was a precision tool grinder.




Earl Samuel Marshall

Reading Reader's Digest, a common event, puffing on a cigar a very rare event

1977 and 2006

Earl Samuel Marshall

Bernece Elsie Hallock Marshall

Gravestone - Lakeview Cemetery - Nashville, Michigan


2009 March 2nd

Earl Samuel Marshall

Bernece Elsie Hallock Marshall

Gravestone - Lakeview Cemetery - Nashville, Michigan

Marvin Earl Marshall pays respect to his parents



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