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UP- Earl Samuel Marshall 3-5 ~ Bernece Elsie Marshall 1-5

Arloa Doreen Marshall Ervin Johnson 2-6

~ William Marshall Ervin 3-7 ~ Debora Sue Ervin Kinsall 2-7 ~ Douglas Allen Ervin 2-7 ~

Arloa, the daughter of Earl Samuel and Bernece (Hallock) Marshall, was born in Marshall, Michigan on November 29, 1936.
Arloa after graduating as a registered nurse, married RICHARD CARTER ERVIN 2-6 on February 16, 1958 who was born on March 10, 1936 in Saginaw, Michigan.

Arloa and Dick had three children, William, Debora and Douglas. Arloa then studied and received her masters degree. She then remarried to Jerry Johnson in 19?? and divorced in 2005. Arloa continued her profession as an administrator in Casper, Wyoming. Retired in 2008 and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. However started working again as a nurse.





Arloa Doreen Marshall

Pinning Ceremony
Michigan State University



Arloa - 1936

Arloa - 1936
Arloa - 1936


Arloa Doreen Marshall

Held by mom

Bernece Marshall


Arloa - 1937
Arloa - 1937
Arloa - 1938



Four Generations

Frank Hallock
Tracy Hallock
Arloa Marshall
Bernece Hallock Marshall


Arloa - 1937

Arloa - 1939

Aunt Guila Hallock and Uncle Darrell Tester

Arloa - 1939 at Great grandfathers farm on Hallock Road.

Group L to R back:

Wynonna White, Guila Hallock, Junior Knox,

L to R front:
Wava White, Yvonne Hallock, Arloa Marshall and Joan Hallock.

Blanch Hallock - Frank Hallock's arm around her (second wife after death of Rosa L Bailey Hallock).

Arloa - 1939 at Great grandfathers farm on Hallock Road.

L to R:

Great Grandfather - Frank Hallock Jr.,
Bernece (Hallock) Marshall,
Arloa Marshall,
Grandfather Tracy Hallock.


Arloa - 1939 at Great grandfathers farm on Hallock Road.

Hallock & Marshall family,

with Eddie Chlystek at back right.

Arloa second from right sitting front.

Arloa - 1939 at Great grandfathers farm on Hallock Road.

Tracy and Maude Hallock with her nephew Junior Knox

(Notice great grandfather Frank Hallock Jr. walking in background)

Arloa - 1939 grandmother Marshall's farm.

L to R back

Freida (Morgan) Marshall
Earl Marshall
Worth Green
Beulah Arloa (Marshall) Green

Helen and Marshall Green - Helen is holding baby Judy Green

Arloa and Jack Green


Arloa - 1939 or 40
Mikie and Jerry Baughman

Marshall, Michigan


Arloa - 1939 with her mom and dad at grandmother Marshall's farm house.
Arloa - 1940


Arloa - 1941

Kindergarten class photo


Arloa - July 20, 1941 -

First hair-cut. About 3 inches of hair. This is a scan of her actual hair.



Arloa - 1941

with ?? Fredenburg

Arloa - 1941 - Grandmother Marshall's front lawn.
Arloa - 1941 - Her father Earl proud of his new 1941 Ford.
Arloa - 1941- Jack Green - Grandmother Marshall farm.
Arloa - 1941- Jack Green - Grandmother Marshall farm.

Arloa - 1942

New born baby brother Marvin

Arloa - 1942 - age 5



Marshall family moves from Marshall, Michigan


15454 Trinity Street
Detroit, Michigan

Father Earl Marshall is a precision tool grinder works for a company that makes measuring blocks that determines the accuracy of micrometers. All part of the war effort.

Arloa - 1942 -

New friend - neighbor Robert Guest

Arloa - 1942 -

with another new friend Joyce Helwig in Detroit.

Arloa - 1942 - mother's day.

Photo taken in Grandmother Marshall's orchard.

Arloa - 1942

Arloa - April 11, 1942 -

Big day -

Dad's birthday and he bought the farm at 4144 Barryville Road Nashville, Michigan.

(family didn't move from Detroit to the farm until the summer of 1946)



Arloa - 1942

with family friends the Baughman's. Photo at the Detroit Zoo.


Arloa - 1942 -

Her father Earl shows of his artistic side with a rather well proportioned snow woman.

Arloa with friend Joyce Helwig.

Arloa - 1942 with Joyce Helwig.
Arloa - 1942

Arloa - 1944 -

father Earl Marshall rows the boat - Pine Lake Michigan.

Arloa - 1944

With brother Marvin


Arloa - 1944 -

Art museum at Detroit


Arloa - 1944 -

Grandmother Marshall's dog.

Arloa - 1944 - with brother Marvin
Arloa - 1944 - with Mom (Bernece) and Dad (Earl) and brother Marvin


L to R

Connie Chlystek
Arloa Doreen Marshall
Marvin Earl Marshall


Arloa - 1947 - Christmas at the farm. Photo with brother Marvin
Arloa - 1947 - Christmas at the farm. Photo with brother Marvin

Arloa - 1947 - First stand of wheat on the farm after now living on the farm for one year.

Photo with brother Marvin

West edge of very large garden and ?lettuce? coming up.

Arloa - 1947 -

Arloa running controls on side delivery rake.

Cousin Connie Chlystek sitting on Earl's lap.

Arloa - 1947 -

Photo with brother Marvin

(largest oak tree on the 95 acre farm).

Arloa - 1947.

Photo L to R.

Augustus 'Gus' Morgenthaler

Earl S Marshall

Marvin E Marshall

Arloa D Marshall

Freida (Morgenthaler) Marshall - Gus is Freida's brother.

Arloa - 1947

Pictured with Arloa her Great Aunt Frances Newton.

Arloa - 1948

Pictured with brother Marvin in front of console tube radio. The radio was given to Marvin when family got their first TV in 1952.


Arloa - 1948



Christmas at Grandma Testers

L To R

Arloa Marshall
Connie Chlystek
Elaine Tester
Darrell Tester


Arloa - 1952

Report Card

Arloa - 1952

Report Card

Arloa - 1954

Leaving on Senior Trip to New York City and Washington D.C.

Arloa - 1954

Senior Prom

Arloa - 1954

High School graduation photo, Nashville, Michigan.

Arloa - 1955

Home from college


Arloa Doreen Marshall

Pinning Ceremony
Michigan State University


Arloa and Dick Ervin get ready for the big day.


Methodist Church

Nashville, Michigan


Arloa Doreen Marshall Ervin


Richard Carter Ervin

Arloa and Ervin family - 1974

L to R

Bill, Deborah, Richard, Arloa and Douglas


Arloa and Ervin family - 1975

L to R

Douglas, Richard, Deborah, Arloa and William.

Arloa - May 28, 2005

Mother Bernece Else Marshall's funeral

L to R

Douglas Ervin,
Arloa (Marshall) Johnson,
Chrystal Marshall,
Dean Marshall



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