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Tips and Hints on browsing the Marshall Family Tree

The most important tip is to understand the 2-number convention at the end of each name: Both numbers are based on the given name, regardles if the 'sir' name is Marshall or not. The first number of the two part number indicates the sequence of a duplication of the same name. The second part of the number indicates the generation number the individual was born into with the first generation being GEORGE MARSHALL SR. 1-1, who was born around 1790 in Baveria, Germany.

On of George Sr.'s sons was also named George, so the number sequence assigned to him is George Marshall 2-2. When additional Georges were born, and who were same generation cousins, the eldest assigned the next sequence number first.

Under Menu item 'Alphabetical Listing' the Marshall Family names are listed by Generation and then Alphabetically. By breaking the names down by generation, the user can decern if the name one is seeking is in the timie range that fits the name he or she may be seeking. This is particularly useful in the Marshall Family Tree when there are so many with the same given names.

If for instance you are looking for John Marshall, which there are four presently listed:

1st - John Marshall 1-2
2nd -John B Marshall 2-3
3rd - Reverend John J Marshall 3-3
4th - John Marshall 4-4

Note that both the 2nd and 3rd John is in the 3rd generations (cousins). You could deduce from this list that with the 1st John being in the 2nd generation and ovbiously the son of the first generation that would have made his life time from the early 1800's and the 4th John being of the 4th generation, his lifetime would be a considerable time later. So, as you run across names and understanding that the first generation basically spaned the 1790-1860 years, and the 8th generation being born in the last 20 years, the final number of the 2 part number attached to everyone's name will have quick reference even when the exact date of birth and/or death are unknown. The first number is simply for duplication of names.

We are also listing of names in cemeteries that are near the main Marshall clan area near Maple Grove, Michigan in Barry County. As we find names in these cemeteries that are in our database, either as direct descendants or spouses, we provide a link from the cemetery list to their personal data page.

This database is non traditionaly designed to take advantage of Google and other search engines. Rather than having a single page that is driven by a composite database, each person in the database has his or her own personal page. This gives the Marshall Family Tree database the distinct advantage of each name being directly indexed by the trawlers for each search engine. This will make it more likely you will be able to find a name outside of the Marshall Family Tree database. However, since Marshall is a common last name, you will need to put the complete Marshall name in quotes as it is in the Marshall Family Tree database. This of course cannot be guaranteed that you will find that name you are seeking this way, but we are confident that the search engines will have the name indexed.




If you have information that you would like added to the Marshall Family Tree please contact:
Marvin E. Marshall