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The Wilcox Cemetery is on Cloverdale Rd, south of Nashville about 6mi in the Maple Grove community, about a half-mile east of M-66, next to the Maple Grove Church

Ackett, Fred, d. 11/1/1990, Barry Co., MI Gamble, Eddie J.,d. 1894 - Navue, Pearl, d. 1/22/1936, Barry Co., MI
Ackett, Maud, d. 11/23/1973, Barry Co., MI Gardner, Gerald Gibbs, d. 4/25/1989, Calhoun Co., MI Nicewander, Forest C., d. 4/30/1978, Calhoun Co., MI
Ackley, Glenwood, d. 12/5/1977, Barry Co., MI Gardner, Gordon David, d. 7/21/1961, Eaton Co., MI Nicewander, Ida Matild, d. 6/8/1988, Calhoun Co., MI
Adney, Adrian, d. 1/15/1972 Gearheart, George, d. 1877 Nicewander, Kieta, d. 1882
Adney, May, d. 12/1/1967, Barry Co., MI German, Amarilla, d. 1895 Nicewander, Samuel, d. 1906
Aikman, Eliza J., d. 1873 German, Gray, d. 10/1/1980, Calhoun Co., MI Niles, Bert, no dates
Allen, Alice, d. 1936 German, John, d. 1891 Niles, Bill, d. 1896
Allen, Bernard W., d. 10/13/1974, Battle Creek, MI German, Manson, d. 1909 Ninewander, Kenneth, no dates
Allen, Harlan D., d. 12/15/1958, Wayne Co., MI, age 62yrs, Gibbons, Bernard, d. 1/1/1974, Calhoun Co., MI Ninewander, Laura, no dates
Allen, Harold, d. 9/29/1973, Kent Co., MI Gibbons, Edna, d. 4/12/1994, Calhoun Co., MI Norris, Myrtle, d. 1938
Allen, M. M., d. 4/30/1983, Calhoun Co., MI Gibbons, Fred V., d. 6/12/1965, Calhoun Co., MI Norris, Raymond Clair, d. 6/13/1981, Eaton Co., MI
Allen, William, d. 1923 Gibbons, Marie, d. 2/18/1920, Barry Co., MI Norton, Alvis Stella, no dates
Anderson, Mary A., d. 1897 Gibbons, Maude, d. 8/26/1965, Calhoun Co., MI Norton, Bessie Alice, d. 11/25/1952, Calhoun Co., MI
Anderson, William H., d. 1869 Gibbons, Norma F., d. 6/3/1991, Kalamazoo Co., MI Norton, Charles F., d. 1937
Anderson, William, d. 1890 Gibbons, Thomas, d. 3/8/1968, Calhoun Co., MI Norton, Edwin J., d. 7/2/1948, Barry Co., MI
Andress, Clarence, d. 1940 Gibson, Effie O., d. 1902 Norton, Howard, d. 2/10/1967
Andress, George, d. 9/17/1906, Barry Co., MI Gibson, John, d. 8/13/1908, Barry Co., MI Norton, Infant, d. 1871, unknown, boy,
Andress, Mary Ann, d. 1914 Gibson, Lillian L., d. 1945 Norton, Infant, no dates
Andrews , Elizabeth, d. 7/15/1971 Gibson, Ray, d. 1882 Norton, Lenetta, d. 5/11/1983
Andrews, Cora B., d. 1868 Gibson, Will, d. 6/1/1939, Barry Co., MI Norton, Leslie, d. 3/31/1920, Barry Co., MI
Andrews, Jennie, d. 11/11/1937, Barry Co., MI Gibson, William, d. 1881 Norton, Marcia, d. 1918
Andrews, Loren, d. 1906 Goodrich, John, d. 1897 Norton, Maurice A., d. 1937
Andrews, Lorenzo, d. 8/3/1913, Barry Co., MI Goodrich, Levi, d. 1884 Norton, Mittie L., d. 1926
Andrews, Melinda, d. 1898 Goodrich, Louisa, d. 1916 Norton, Rosemond E., d. 4/23/1954, Calhoun Co., MI
Andrews, Mila, d. 1/1/1920, Barry Co., MI Goodson, Elva, d. 8/1/1985, Barry Co., MI Norton, Samuel, d. 1924
Andrews, Vernor D., d. 1/2/1930, Barry Co., MI Goodson, Jean, d. 1939, unknown, baby, Norton, Sarah M., d. 1932
Archer, Dorleskey, d. 1889 Goodson, Lelan H., d. 7/23/1948, Barry Co., MI Norton, Thomas B., d. 1949
Archer, Euceba, d. 3/21/1925, Barry Co., MI Goodson, Marvin, d. 11/16/1947 Norton, Vincent, d. 1948
Archer, H. O., d. 1936 Gordinear, Arnold H., d. 1936 Olmstead, Clarence W., d. 6/25/1967, Barry Co., MI
Archer, Infant, d. 1891 Gordinear, Mary J., d. 1932 Olson, Christine, d. 5/17/1954, Barry Co., MI , baby,
Archer, Lucilia, d. 11/10/1919, Barry Co., MI Gould, Arthur L., d. 11/6/1952, Barry Co., MI Organ, James Lee, d. 7/3/1972, Petoskey, MI
Archer, Ora C., d. 1898 Gould, Edmond, d. 1866 Ostroth, Amanda, d. 1889
Archer, William, d. 1911 Gould, Eliza J., d. 1892 Ostroth, Anthony, d. 1889
Ashley, Ella E., d. 1922 Gould, Etta, d. 1938 Ostroth, Cora, d. 12/9/1942, Barry Co., MI
Ashley, Neal M., d. 1890 Gould, Harriet, d. 1876 Ostroth, Dorothy A., d. 11/1/1964, Barry Co., MI
Ashley, Sarah M., d. 1881 Gould, Infant, d. 1905, unknown, daughter, Ostroth, Janety, d. 1900
Askins, Charles E., d. 1/28/1977, Kalamazoo, MI, age 79yrs, Gould, Infant, d. 1922 Ostroth, John A., d. 1892
Askins, Elizabeth, d. 7/8/1985, Emmet Co., MI, age 84yrs, Gould, Levi C., d. 10/14/1958, Barry Co., MI Ostroth, Maurice, d. 10/3/1982, Barry Co., MI
Asman, Oliver, d. 12/1982 Gould, Mary, d. 1894 Ostroth, Mrs. Samuel, d. 1942
Aspinall, Carl W., d. 10/30/1983, Barry Co., MI Gould, Nellie, d. 1874 Ostroth, R. Clinton, d. 1903
Austin, Lydia, d. 1916 Gould, Shirley, d. 11/19/1954, Muskegon Co., MI Ostroth, Ray G., d. 4/17/1960, Barry Co., MI
Ayers, George Erving, d. 1950 Gould, Thelma, d. 1905 Ostroth, Sadie E., d. 11/3/1967, Calhoun Co., MI
Ayers, Mary J., d. 5/16/1922, Barry Co., MI Gould, Thomas, d. 1/27/1921, Barry Co., MI Ostroth, Samuel, d. 7/25/1948, Barry Co., MI
Ayers, Millie B., d. 2/20/1920, Barry Co., MI Gould, Vera, d. 1890 Ostroth, Valentine, d. 1901
Ayers, Philip, d. 2/14/1911, Barry Co., MI Graham, Melvin James, d. 6/27/1973 Palmer, Bertha, d. 1935
Ayers, Robert, d. 7/23/1967 Granger, Beulah M., d. 1893 Palmer, Close R., d. 7/6/1918, Barry Co., MI
Ayers, Sherman, d. 10/10/1955, Barry Co., MI Gray, Darrel, d. 1932 Palmer, Harriett, no dates
Ayres, Evelyn C., d. 11/22/1967, Calhoun Co., MI Gray, Elden N., d. 11/17/1911, Barry Co., MI Palmer, Wanetta G., d. 3/29/1984, Barry Co., MI
Ayres, Vern, d. 4/27/1904, Barry Co., MI Gray, Elwood E., d. 1935 Parks, Howard, no dates
Badger, Anna Mae, d. 1946 Gray, Ernest E., d. 5/2/1958, Barry Co., MI Patterson, Dorothy B., d. 1/10/1969, Calhoun Co., MI
Bailey, D. E., no dates Gray, Gaylord, d. 6/29/1989, Barry Co., MI Patterson, Joseph, d. 9/27/1970, Calhoun Co., MI
Bailey, Nelson, d. 1875 Gray, Gerald E., d. 1943 Pearce, Benjamin Dolph, d. 2/14/1907, Barry Co., MI
Ball, Alexander, no dates Gray, Harold C., d. 5/29/1972, Eaton Co., MI Pearce, Benjamin Oliver, d. 11/21/1953, Tuscola Co.
Ball, Fanny, d. 1871 Gray, Infant, no dates Pearce, Edith, d. 1940
Ball, George D., d. 2/21/1969, Barry Co., MI Gray, James L., d. 1942 Pearce, George D., d. 1936
Ball, Keith H., d. 11/9/1971, Calhoun Co., MI Gray, Leon Dorwin, d. 1939 Pearce, Hazel, d. 1952
Baltz, George, d. 1906 Gray, Lewis, no dates Pearce, Henry A., d. 1859
Baltz, Mary, d. 3/6/1910, Barry Co., MI Gray, Lulu May, d. 3/25/1949, Barry Co., MI Pearce, Herbert, d. 1901
Barnes, Allen J., d. 1881 Gray, Robert, d. 4/13/1966, Barry Co., MI Pearce, Laura, d. 1911
Barnes, Delia, d. 7/10/1915, Barry Co., MI Gray, Roxana, d. 1918 Pearce, Susan M., d. 1873
Barnes, Fred, d. 1947 Gray, Vada L., d. 1893 Pearce, Theodore, d. 1945
Barnes, Johnnie, d. 1873 Gray, Vera, d. 9/3/1975, Barry Co., MI Penfold, Alston, d. 7/1967, Barry Co., MI
Barnes, Nathan S., d. 1910 Gray, Walter, d. 1930 Penfold, Beatrice, d. 10/30/1985, Barry Co., MI
Bassett, Harriett, d. 1905 Green, Albert R., d. 11/8/1970, Kent Co., MI Penfold, Edwin, d. 2/3/1954, Barry Co., MI
Beach, Ira H., d. 6/15/1953, Calhoun Co., MI Green, Anna, d. 1905 Penfold, Elizabeth, d. 8/21/1954, Branch, CA
Beeker, Olive, d. 1946 Green, Anna, d. 1930 Penfold, Phil, d. 9/9/1936, Barry Co., MI
Behrndt, Geraldine Ann, d. 2/9/1975, Calhoun Co., MI Green, Charles H., d. 1881 Penfold, Webster, no dates
Bell, Ada, d. 1946, unknown, Basore, Green, Charlie, d. 1884 Pennington, Alice M., d. 10/8/1975, Barry Co., MI
Bell, Iona, d. 5/5/1996, Ingham Co., MI Green, Henry, d. 11/26/1907, Barry Co., MI Pennington, Clyde, d. 4/7/1962, Barry Co., MI
Bell, Isabell, d. 1924 Green, James, d. 1926 Pennington, Jay, d. 4/14/1963, Barry Co., MI
Bell, John, d. 1927 Green, John, d. 1907 Pennington, Ronald G., d. 3/25/1974, Kalamazoo Co., MI
Bell, Joseph A., d. 11/28/1953, Barry Co., MI Green, Mary, d. 1889 Pennington, Tillie, d. 12/28/1972, Barry Co., MI
Bell, Joseph, d. 1895 Green, Mary, d. 1915 Pennington, Tressa, d. 1929
Bell, Lottie A., d. 5/31/1960, Barry Co., MI Green, William O., d. 1912 Pennock, Etta B., d. 8/29/1984, Barry Co., MI
Bell, Margaret, d. 1/3/1960, Kent Co., MI Green, William, d. 1916 Pettet, Frank, d. 7/28/1962, Barry Co., MI
Bell, Mary J., d. 1899 Greenfield, Lorinda, d. 1890 Pettet, Nancy A., d. 9/20/1963, Calhoun Co., MI
Bell, Paul A., d. 10/31/1983, Barry Co., MI Griffin, Jerri Mae, d. 8/10/1965, Barry Co., MI, baby, Phares, Daniel Eric, d. 3/23/1982, Calhoun Co., MI
Bell, Robert, d. 1906 Gross, Adaline, d. 1887 Phillips, George, d. 1889
Belles , Merle, d. 6/19/1943, Barry Co., MI Gross, Lewis, d. 1893 Pierce, James Kevin, d. 4/4/1983, Barry Co., MI
Belles, Adeline M., d. 5/8/1956, Calhoun Co., MI Guy, William, no dates Polley, Bertha Elizabeth, d. 7/2/1972, Calhoun Co., MI
Belles, Donna Mae, b. Jan 24, 1918 d. Mar 02, 1983 Hagerman, Andrew, d. 1874 Post, Sally J., d. 11/15/1985, Calhoun Co., MI
Belles, Genevieve, d. 3/15/1921, Barry Co., MI Hagerman, Demaris, d. 1939 Potter, Beatrice, d. 1892
Belles, George, d. 1924 Hagerman, Mother, d. 1899 Potter, Bon, d. 1943
Belles, Harley M., d. 7/30/1971, Calhoun Co., MI Hagerman, N. C., d. 1920 Potter, Clarinda L., d. 1907
Belles, Parley J., d. 3/6/1962, Barry Co., MI Hagerman, Ray, d. 1890 Potter, Clyde, d. 1906
Belles, Roma, no dates Hagerman, Samuel L., d. 1888 Potter, Cora, d. 1950
Belles, Ruth, d. 3/15/1920, Barry Co., MI Hagerman, Viola M., d. 1848 Potter, Elbridge, d. 1904
Belson, Anna L., d. 10/5/1958, Allegan Co., MI Haggerty, Abraham, d. 1935 Potter, Francis M., d. 1913
Belson, Archie Sr., d. 9/6/1981 Haggerty, Altie, d. 1/25/1964, Barr Co., MI Potter, Gertrude, d. 5/9/1987, Naples, FL
Belson, Archie, d. 9/4/1981, Barry Co., MI Haggerty, Harriett, d. 1935 Potter, Irena S., d. 1891
Belson, Aura L., d. 9/30/1978, Calhoun Co., MI Haight, Adeliza M., d. 1900 Potter, Kate Belle, d. 2/5/1958, Kent Co., MI
Belson, Bertine, d. 4/16/1967, Barry Co., MI Hall, Cassie, d. 1919 Potter, Lucin B., d. 1934
Belson, Edith, d. /28/1920, Barry Co., MI Hall, Infant, d. 1889, unknown, son of J & C, Potter, Margaret, d. 1/20/1954, Barry Co., MI
Belson, Elmer Peter, d. 4/21/1962, Barry Co., MI Hall, James, d. 1929 Potter, Marguerite, d. 1949
Belson, George Jr., d. 1906 Hall, Minerva, d. 1880 Potter, Marvin, d. 12/8/1994, Barry Co., MI
Belson, George, d. 1939 Hanchett, Hannah, d. 1874 Potter, May, d. 11/12/1943, Barry Co., MI
Belson, Hattie, d. 7/22/1971, Barry Co., MI Hanchett, Hiram, d. 1910 Potter, Phillip, d. 8/16/1982, Naples, FL
Belson, Infant, d. 1915 Hand, Clara, d. 1878 Potter, Sherman, d. 1947
Belson, Jean, d. 1932 Hansen, Stanley, d. 12/3/1881, Barry Co., MI Potter, William, d. 1940
Belson, Mary, d. 1917 Harding, Albert, d. 8/26/1946, Barry Co., MI Powell, Alma E., d. 1888
Belson, Maurice, d. 9/10/1995, Barry Co., MI Harding, Elize, d. 1922 Powell, Bernadine, d. 3/18/1982, Barry Co., MI
Belson, Mrs. Orla, d. 7/1953 Harding, Lillian, d. 1921 Powell, Elsie, d. 1887
Belson, Orla, d. 11/2/1979, Barry Co., MI Harding, M. G., d. 1879 Powell, Shelia Gale, d. 1948
Belson, Roy L., d. 9/7/1981, Barry Co., MI Harding, Maud, d. 12/11/1955, Barry Co., MI Purdy, Clifford, d. 11/1/1964, Wayne Co., MI
Belson, Ruth Anna, d. 2/18/1956, Barry Co., MI Harding, William H., d. 5/19/1949, Barry Co., MI Querio, Charles Anthony, d. 11/25/1978, Santa Clara, CA
Belson, Theresa, d. 11/29/1995, Barry Co., MI Harding, William, d. 4/4/1911, Barry Co., MI Quick, Abram S., d. 1893
Belson, Theron, d. 4/12/1972, Barry Co., MI Harmon, Emma J., d. 10/22/1907, Barry Co., MI Quick, Alice, d. 1880
Benedict, Burdette, d. 1931 Harrington, Reatha, d. 4/30/1977 Quick, Mary, d. 1887
Benedict, Maud L., d. 7/9/1959, Calhoun Co., MI Hartwell, Effie, d. 9/17/1967, Barry Co., MI Quick, Rachel, d. 1904
Bennett, Charles F., d. 1945 Hartwell, Ellen, d. 10/27/1990, Barry Co., MI Rand, A. T., d. no informatin
Bennett, Infants (3), no dates Hartwell, Josie, d. 1951 Rand, Polly, d. 1886
Bennett, Lawrence, d. 1933 Hartwell, Lee, d. 3/5/1964, Barry Co., MI Rand, William, d. 1886
Bensinger, Donald Lee, d. 6/18/1956, Gainsville Hartwell, Ray, d. 3/9/1980, Barry Co., MI Rand, William, d. 1893
Bensinger, Isabelle, d. 1972 Hawblitz, Vern, d. 5/25/1982, Calhoun Co., MI Reese, Alice, d. 1909
Biggs, Infant, d. 1918 Hawks, Donald Wilbur, d. 1927 Reese, Edward, d. 1911
Biggs, John, d. 1906 Hawks, Frances Kay, d. 11/6/1984, Fort Myers Reese, Thomas R., d. 3/5/1992, Barry Co., MI
Biggs, Martha, d. 1931 Hawks, Hulda Jane, d. 1948 Reynolds, Francis, no dates
Biggs, Rebecca, d. 1940 Hawks, Joseph, d. 1898 Reynolds, Josiah J., no dates
Biggs, Timothy, d. 1886 Hawks, Lottie, d. 1896 Ribble, Varcil L., d. 9/14/1985, Calhoun Co., MI
Bisel, Delbert Bernard, d. 9/5/1974, Calhoun Co., MI Hayter, Cecil E., d. 3/26/1971, Calhoun Co., MI Rich, Clifford J., d. 9/10/1953, Barry Co., MI
Bisel, Viola, d. 6/5/1990 Hayter, James Phillip, d. 1933 Rich, Edith, d. 10/27/1978, unknown, Belson,
Blowers, Carl, d. 1942 Hayter, Margaret E., d. 1/24/1954, Calhoun Co., MI Riggs, Ethel Belle, d. 1/14/1960, Washtenew Co., MI
Blowers, Earl, d. 1951 Hayter, Richard Samuel, d. 1949 Riggs, Harry F., d. 10/26/1946, Barry Co., MI
Blowers, Jane, d. 1895 Headley, Eugene, d. 6/15/1991, Calhoun Co., MI Riley, Howard, d. 1904
Blowers, Ralph, d. 1904 Headley, Mantoinett, d. 10/20/1964, Calhoun Co., MI Robart, Dora, d. 1887
Blowers, William, d. 1877 Headley, Marie, d. 10/23/1964 Robart, Goldie, d. 1927
Boise, Bertha Mae, d. 5/7/1987, Barry Co., MI Heath, Amanda, d. 1937 Robart, Olive, d. 1932
Boise, Charles Otis, d. 5/16/1969, Calhoun Co., MI Heath, George Rex, d. 11/22/1965, Barry Co., MI Robart, Samuel, d. 1921
Boise, Elva, d. 1945 Hecker, Eva L., d. 1916 Robart, Sarah, d. 1920
Boise, Leo E., d. 1/10/1983, Barry Co., MI Hecker, George, d. 1/25/1941, Barry Co., MI Rodgers, Helen, d. 1/13/1955, Kalamazoo Co., MI
Bolo, Eva, d. 1886 Henry, Elmer, no dates Rogers, Charles H., d. 3/8/1969, Eaton Co., MI
Bowen, Betsy, d. 1896 Henry, Genevieve, no dates Rogers, Robert W., d. 1946
Bowen, Caspar, d. 1942 Henry, Retha, d. 1980, unknown, Hay, Rolland, Harold, d. 1/21/1962, Calhoun Co., MI
Bowen, Elizabeth, d. 1919 Herrick, Albert Leo, d. 4/5/1974, Manatee, FL Ruffner, Evelyn, d. 6/29/1986, Barry Co., MI
Bowen, Henry C., d. 1918 Herrick, Edna, d. 3/27/1985, Barry Co., MI Ruse, Andrew, d. 1895
Bowen, Henry, d. 1888 Herrick, Glenn, d. 1912 Ruse, Margaret, d. 1896
Boyst, Ernest C., d. 1926 Herrington, Infants (2), no dates Ruse, Mary Georgianna, d. 6/1/1911, Barry Co., MI
Boyston, Guy, d. 1883 Herrington, Levi, d. 9/30/1965, Barry Co., MI Russell, John, no dates
Boyston, Neva M., no dates Hicks, Herbert M., d. 1/25/1961, Calhoun Co., MI Sanders, George W., d. 8/22/1973
Bresse, Daisy, d. 8/26/1966, Calhoun Co., MI Hicks, Ruth J., d. 9/30/1979, Calhoun Co., MI Sanders, Leora, d. 3/31/1977, Clearwater, FL, Moore,
Brisbin, Nelson, d. 10/1/1991, Barry Co., MI Higbee, Celia, d. 7/4/1987, Barry Co., MI Sanford, Marion D., d. 1890
Brook, Elizabeth, d. 1943 Higbee, Ellwood J., d. 12/23/1969, Barry Co., MI Sanford, William, d. 1901
Brook, Ruffus, d. 1920 Higbee, Howard E., d. 9/7/1961, Barry Co., MI Savage, Ed, d. 1931
Brooks, Anna, d. 1925 Hill, Beverly, d. 1944 Savage, Frank, d. 1936
Brooks, Bertha C., d. 1938 Hill, Elsie M., d. 1936 Savage, Infant, no dates
Brooks, Charles, d. 1936 Hill, Fred L., d. 12/11/1961, Barry Co., MI Savage, John, d. 1906
Brooks, Elizabeth, d. 3/28/1920, Barry Co., MI Hoffman, Alma L., d. 3/13/1992, Barry Co., MI Savage, Lavina, d. 1936
Brooks, Elmer B., d. 1945 Hoffman, Catharine, d. 1886 Savage, Lucilia, d. 1915
Brooks, Francis, d. 1855 Hoffman, Charles, d. 1906 Savage, Mary J., d. 1891
Brooks, Infant, no dates Hoffman, Christine, d. 1907 Savage, Mrs. Ed, no dates
Brooks, Levi, d. 1896 Hoffman, Claud, d. 1946 Savage, Stephen, d. 1905
Brooks, Lovina, d. 1880 Hoffman, Cora, d. 1936 Savage, William C., d. 1931
Brooks, Mrs. L., no dates Hoffman, Dirk J., d. 4/12/1957, Calhoun Co., MI Schantz, LaVern, d. 11/24/1958
Brooks, Nellie, d. 6/14/1913, Barry Co., MI Hoffman, Dorothy, d. 3/14/1987, unknown, Munertz, Schantz, William H. Jr., d. 11/3/1967, Barry Co., MI
Brooks, Rufus, d. 1853 Hoffman, Eber, d. 6/12/1964, Kalamazoo Co., MI Schantz, William, d. 10/3/1985, Barry Co., MI
Brooks, Sarah, d. 1904 Hoffman, Emma, d. 1922 Scheicker, John, no dates
Brooks, Shirley, d. 1905 Hoffman, Ernest, d. 6/11/1984, Barry Co., MI Schiedel, Nettie, d. 1934
Brooks, Velma, d. 8/1/1907, Barry Co., MI Hoffman, Gotfried, d. 1882 Schliecker, Charles, no dates
Brotherton, Sarah A., d. 1873 Hoffman, Grace S., d. 5/23/1956, Barry Co., MI Schroeder, Alberta, d. 11/4/1982, Jackson Co., MI
Brown, Charles Darwin, d. 9/8/1947 Hoffman, Hazel, d. 1943 Schroeder, J., d. 1950
Brown, Helen M., d. 9/1/1956, Calhoun Co., MI Hoffman, Henrietta B., d. 1943 Scott, Lyle H., d. 7/2/1971, Eaton Co., MI
Brown, Infant, no dates Hoffman, Jacob, d. 2/24/1907, Barry Co., MI Scott, Minte, d. 2/5/1960
Brown, Jess D., d. 5/1/1959, Calhoun Co., MI Hoffman, John H., d. 11/11/960, Barry Co., MI Seeber, Infant, d. 1949, unknown, boy,
Brown, Martha C., d. 1933 Hoffman, Joyce Marie, d. 5/19/1962, Tuscola Co. Seeber, Raymond, d. 1943
Brown, Willard, d. 1934 Hoffman, Marda L., d. 1922 Seeley, Forrest, d. 1901
Buck, James, d. 1876 Hoffman, Matthew, d. 3/5/1995, Kent Co., MI, baby, Seeley, Furne, d. 1884
Buck, Lovina, d. 1893 Hoffman, Pete, d. 1853 Seeley, Joanna, d. 1915
Buck, Mary, d. 1887 Hoffman, Peter D., d. 2/13/1953, Calhoun Co., MI Seymour, Eliza M., d. 3/14/1917, Barry Co., MI
Buckingham, Edith, no dates Hoffman, Richard, d. 1933 Seymour, Martin, d. 1927
Buckingham, John, no dates Hoffman, Victor, d. 1948 Shafer, Bertie, d. 1877
Buckmaster, Anna, d. 1949 Hogan, Orson, d. 1871 Shafer, Caroline, d. 1918
Buckmaster, Samuel, d. 6/12/1942, Barry Co., MI Hope, Anna, d. 3/17/1991, Barry Co., MI Shafer, Ellen A., d. 1916
Bull, Clarence, d. 12/20/1981, Kalamazoo Co., MI Hosteller, Infant, d. 1951 Shafer, George, d. 1945
Bull, Margaret, d. 2/9/1988, Barry Co., MI Hough, George Leroy, d. 3/10/1961, Calhoun Co., MI Shafer, Harold, d. 1938
Burd, Allen, d. 8/27/1994, Barry Co., MI Howell, John, d. 1/3/1907, Barry Co., MI Shafer, LaVerne, d. 1930
Burd, Ally Ray, d. 1/31/1969, Barry Co., MI Hubka, James E., d. 12/14/1967, Isabella Co., MI Shafer, Mary E., d. 1925
Burd, Ella, d. 4/5/1966, Barry Co., MI Hubka, Willard C., d. 8/21/1993, Barry Co., MI Shafer, Ray, d. 1937
Burd, Mildred, d. 9/11/1992, Sumter Co., FL Hummell, Blanche E., d. 11/1/1976, Barry Co., MI Shaffer, Alma Marie, d. 4/21/1992, Calhoun Co., MI
Burgess, Infant, d. 1933 Hunt, Lyman D., d. 7/2/1965, Kent Co., MI Shaffer, Amy, d. 1898
Burgess, Lewis Ray, no dates Hyde, Desiah, d. 1902 Shaffer, Asa Richard, d. 2/7/1963, Eaton Co., MI
Burgess, Lydia, d. 1/19/1953, Calhoun Co., MI Hyde, Franklin, d. 12/24/1948, Barry Co., MI Shaffer, Charles, no dates
Burgess, Oren Albert, d. 12/31/1970, Calhoun Co., MI Hyde, Ida V., d. 1894 Shaffer, Dale, d. 3/30/1965, Barry Co., MI
Burkert, Charles H., d. 5/21/1954, Kent Co., MI Hyde, Jefferson, d. 1932 Shaffer, Delesous B., d. 1865
Burkert, Matilda, d. 9/1/1952, Kent Co., MI Hyde, Louise, d. 1932 Shaffer, Della Marie, d. 3/23/1972, Eaton Co., MI
Burnham, Emily, d. 1911 Hyde, Lucian, d. 1873 Shaffer, Emma E., no dates
Burnham, Frank, d. 1940 Jackson, David, d. 1903 Shaffer, Henry W., d. 8/6/1976
Burt, Kizia, d. 1879 Janson, Ella E., d. 11/25/1972, Calhoun Co., MI Shaffer, Infant, no dates
Burt, Peter, d. 1884 Janson, Frank, d. 11/8/1958, Calhoun Co., MI Shaffer, Julia, d. 1901
Bushie, Willis, no dates Janson, George, d. 1/16/1956, Calhoun Co., MI Shaffer, LaGrand, d. 1945
Bykonen, Alice Marie, d. 10/1/1967, Calhoun Co., MI Janson, Henry F., d. 1949 Shaffer, Mogrette M., d. 2/16/1971, Calhoun Co., MI
Bykonen, Leo E., d. 5/18/1970, Marquette, MI Janson, Henry J., d. 1891 Shaffer, Philip, d. 1885
Calkins, Ansil J., d. 1885 Janson, Infant, d. 1916 Shaffer, Ray H., d. 5/14/1979, Calhoun Co., MI
Calkins, Archie, d. 1936 Janson, Infant, d. 1926 Shaffer, Vivian M., d. 3/17/1995, Toledo, OH
Calkins, Chester, d. 7/11/1972, Barry Co., MI Janson, Infants (5), no dates Shanneck, Cynthia, d. 7/4/1974, Barry Co., MI
Calkins, Clifford, d. 10/21/1910, Barry Co., MI Janson, John, d. 9/9/1960, Calhoun Co., MI Shanneck, Marcell A., d. 1/22/1975, Barry Co., MI
Calkins, Lydia, d. 1902 Janson, Marie, d. 1913 Shapley, Ellen, d. 4/28/1985, Barry Co., MI
Campbell, Beatrice, d. 1939 Janson, Timothy, d. 11/25/1977 Shapley, Marcus R., d. 10/19/1980, Barry Co., MI
Campbell, Flora, d. 1911 Jarrard, Ethel, d. 1949 Shaw, Lotta, d. 3/28/1987, unknown, Beach,
Campbell, James Edwin, d. 1938 Jarrard, Jim, no dates Shelden, Clare, d. 11/26/1954, Calhoun Co., MI
Campbell, James, d. 1939, unknown, baby, Jarrard, Keith, d. 10/13/1967, Barry Co., MI Shelden, Vera, d. 3/27/1976, Calhoun Co., MI
Campbell, Lee M, d. 1925 Jarrard, Lowell, d. 1943 Sherman, Lewis E., d. 7/25/1993, Barry Co., MI
Campbell, Mary, d. 2/14/1911, Barry Co., MI Jarrard, Ward Lee, d. 12/15/1983, Calhoun Co., MI Sherman, Mrs., d. 1931
Campbell, Perry, d. 1930 Johncock, Nancy, d. 11/21/1992, Calhoun Co., MI Shoup, Abner M., d. 1889
Campbell, Scott Noble, d. 7/28/1964, Barry Co., MI Johnson, Beatrice, d. 7/30/1995, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Amelia, d. 1913
Capps, Vicki Rae, d. 1962, Calhoun Co., MI Jones, Caroline, d. 11/19/1985, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Dell, d. 1943
Carter, Elsie J., d. 1937 Jones, Dewey, d. 5/18/1988, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Elmer, d. 1932
Caven, Sarah Jane, d. 1901 Jones, Gertrude, d. 4/7/1973, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Emma E., d. 1926
Cheeseman, Greta May, d. 1943 Jones, Harold D., d. 4/27/1961, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Fredrick T., d. 1918
Cheesman, Louisa, d. 1867 Jones, James L., d. 1/1/1956, Eaton Co., MI Shoup, Hollie, d. 1947
Cheesman, Louisa, d. 1920 Jones, Jean, d. 1932 Shoup, J., d. 1932
Cheesman, Phinias, d. 1880 Julian, Heber, d. 8/71966, Washtenaw Co., MI Shoup, J., d. 1939
Cillier, Abel, d. 1874 Julian, Myrtle, d. 2/5/1985, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Jacob, d. 12/29/1910, Barry Co., MI
Cillier, Eliza M., d. 1862 Justice, James, d. 1873 Shoup, Jennie, d. 1894
Cillier, Mary, d. 1886 Kapiliathis, Marion, d. 10/13/1977, Calhoun Co., MI Shoup, Jeremiah, d. 10/14/1910, Barry Co., MI
Clakins, Ida May, d. 1881 Kapiliathis, Naoum, d. 2/13/1989, Kalamazoo Co., MI Shoup, Johnie, d. 1933
Clark, Christina, d. 1907 Kellogg, Cyrus W., d. 1873 Shoup, Jolah, d. 1924
Clark, Clarence W., d. 1919 Kellogg, Mapes, d. 1870 Shoup, Lee William, d. 8/26/1986, Kalamazoo Co., MI
Clark, Daniel, d. 1899 Kelsey, Ben, d. 1938 Shoup, Lizzie, d. 1947
Clark, David, d. 1925 Kelsey, Betsy, d. 1892 Shoup, Lucinda, d. 1899
Clark, Delia, d. 8/5/1961, Calhoun Co., MI Kelsey, Grover, d. 1945 Shoup, Margaret J., d. 1895
Clark, Elizabeth G., d. 1951 Kelsey, Minerva, d. 1939 Shoup, Mary J., d. 1917
Clark, Elmer, d. 1949 Keltz, Infant, no dates Shoup, Minnie S., d. 9/9/1958, Calhoun Co., MI
Clark, Pierce E., no dates Kenyon, Alva, d. 1944 Shoup, Nellie, d. 1939
Clark, Walter C., d. 5/12/1964, Barry Co., MI Kenyon, Ben, d. 7/12/1992, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Neva A., d. 1895
Clegg, Hester, d. 1943 Kenyon, Benjamin, unknown, baby, Shoup, Nina, d. 1877
Coats, Albert, d. 1934 Kenyon, Emma, d. 10/6/1983, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Ninie L., d. 1877
Coats, Eben, no dates Kenyon, Gladys, d. 6/30/1981, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Orson S., d. 1917
Coats, Franklin, d. 1869 Kenyon, Marie, d. 8/28/1988, Barry Co., MI Shoup, Ralph, d. 1903
Coats, Harriett, d. 1910 Kenyon, Robert, d. 8/2/1988, New Port Richie Shoup, Robert, no dates
Coats, James, d. 1874 Kenyon, Wendall George, d. 10/6/1974, Sarasota, FL Showalter, Francis, d. 10/18/1978, Barry Co., MI
Coats, Maggie, d. 1879 Ketcham, Bertha, d. 2/21/1988, Calhoun Co., MI Showalter, Melissa, d. 7/25/1995, Barry Co., MI
Coats, Mary, d. 1892 Ketcham, Byron, d. 1947 Simond, Able, d. 1882
Coats, Mother, d. no infomation Ketcham, Candace, d. 1940 Sixberry, Bessie May, d. 1/6/1942, Barry Co., MI
Coats, Will, d. 1923 Ketcham, Infant, unknown, son, Sixberry, Doris, d. 4/29/1975, Calhoun Co., MI
Conklin, Veda, d. 1/17/1996, Allegan Co., MI Ketcham, John C., d. 1895 Sixberry, Harry Orville, d. 4/23/1953, Barry Co., MI
Conley, John, no dates Ketcham, Marie, d. 1875 Sixberry, Lawrence A., d. 11/5/1982, Calhoun Co., MI
Conley, William, d. 1934 Ketcham, Mary L., d. 1874 Sixberry, Ramona, d. 4/3/1995, Calhoun Co., MI
Cooley, Herbert G., d. 8/3/1954 Ketcham, Otis A., d. 3/6/1953, Barry Co., MI Sixberry, Sarah, d. 1935
Cooper, Adrian, d. 1902 Kidder, Clement, d. 10/7/1969, Barry Co., MI Sixberry, Velma R., d. 1927
Cooper, Hiram, no dates Kidder, Edna Mae, d. 6/2/1963, Barry Co., MI Slade, Frank A.., d. 1869
Cooper, Julett, d. 1912 Kidder, Neil, d. 1948 Slade, Martha, d. 1870
Cooper, Pearl T., no dates Kilbourn, Eli, d. 1879 Slade, Russel, d. 1901
Cordray, Louis, d. 1950 Kilbourn, George W., d. 1879 Sliger, Anna, d. 1944
Cox, Rissie, d. 9/17/1977, Calhoun Co., MI King, Charles, d. 1940 Sliger, Harry R., d. 1942
Crane, Abram, d. 1878 King, Edna M., d. 8/24/1982, Barry Co., MI Slocum, Mrs., d. 1934
Crane, Hamilton, no dates King, Jane, d. 11/10/1907, Barry Co., MI Smith, Angeline, d. 1915
Crane, Jeanette, d. 1903 King, Mary, d. 1930 Smith, Caroline, d. 1917
Crouse, Alice M., d. 12/14/1942, Barry Co., MI King, Nina, d. 1923, unknown, Janson, Smith, Delah, d. 1934, unknown, Pearse,
Crouse, Dexter, d. 1937 King, William, d. 1898 Smith, Eva B., d. 4/17/1989, Calhoun Co., MI
Culp, Andrew, no dates Kinney, Aleta, d. 8/1/1987, unknown, Roberts, Smith, Fern, d. 2/16/1983, Eaton Co., MI
Culp, Mary, d. 1889 Kinney, Almina C., d. 1895 Smith, George M., d. 1950
Cummings, Edward, d. 1899 Kinney, Amy Faith, d. 4/5/1952, Barry Co., MI Smith, J. A., d. 1895
Cummings, Francis, d. 1925 Kinney, Catherine, d. 1919 Smith, Jack, no dates
Cummings, Inez, d. 1920 Kinney, Charles R., d. 1897 Smith, James L., d. 1897
Cummings, Isabelle, d. 1940, unknown, Norton, Kinney, Clyde Pearl, d. 1950 Smith, John Jacob, d. 6/2/1908, Barry Co., MI
Cummings, Margaret E., d. 1933 Kinney, Forrest, d. 4/15/1953, Barry Co., MI Smith, John W., d. 6/14/1949, Barry Co., MI
Cummings, Sarah J., d. 1878 Kinney, Infant, no dates Smith, Joseph, d. 1935
Cummings, Warren, d. 1911 Kinney, Isaac, d. 1871 Smith, Luella Fanny, d. 1936
Cummins, Betsey M., d. 1903 Kinney, Layle, d. 12/20/1909, Barry Co., MI, baby, Smith, Martha, d. 1872
Cummins, Ira D., d. 1926 Knight, Lawanda, d. 1947 Smith, Mary Jean, d. 5/29/1987
Cummins, Martin, d. 9/21/1908, Barry Co., MI Krondyke, Lillian, d. 11/4/1985 Smith, Molinda, d. 1888
Davis, Celia, d. 6/15/1956, Barry Co., MI Labadie, Jason, d. 9/16/1986, Barry Co., MI Smith, Mrs. John, no dates
Davis, Clyde, unknown, baby, Labadie, Levona, d. 6/28/1957, Barry Co., MI Smith, Philander L., d. 1885
Davis, Colie E., d. 1928 Lake, Bernard, d. 2/27/1992, Barry Co., MI Smith, S. C., d. 1902
Davis, Ellen, d. 8/1/1981, Kalamazoo Co., MI Lake, Mabel, d. 7/31/1991, Barry Co., MI Smith, Seymour, no dates
Davis, Frank, d. 7/18/1980, Barry Co., MI Lake, Robert, d. 5/5/1991, Washtenaw Co., MI Smith, William, d. 1929
Davis, Josephine, d. 10/11/1953, Barry Co., MI LaLonde, Margaret Kathry, d. 7/8/1988, Huntsville, AL Sottillie, Dennis Ray, d. 7/13/1980, Ionia Co., MI
Davis, Leola, d. 4/26/1978 Lamb, Nelson Goucher, d. 5/12/1968, Barry Co., MI Spaulding, Dorothy, d. 9/1/1992, Barry Co., MI
Davis, Roy Earl, d. 5/18/1965, Calhoun Co., MI Lapham, Addie, d. 1944 Spaulding, Roy Herbert, d. 9/6/1982, Barry Co., MI
Davis, Rufus, d. 11/1/1969, Eaton Co., MI Lapham, Edward, d. 1861 Spencer, George, d. 1895
Day, Joan, d. 1/28/1940 Lapham, Eli, d. 1864 Spencer, Joseph, d. 1860
Day, Joe, d. 1/28/1940 Lapham, George, d. 12/19/1976, Lakeland, FL Spencer, Martha, d. 1929, unknown, Ward,
De Bolt, Ann S., d. 1873 Lapham, Gilbert, d. 1911 Spidel, Azales B., d. 10/2/1983, Barry Co., MI
De Bolt, Anna, d. 6/20/1940, Barry Co., MI Lapham, Hannah, d. 1904 Spidel, Clarence E., d. 7/29/1990, Barry Co., MI
De Bolt, Bertha, d. 3/30/1911, Barry Co., MI Lapham, Irena S., d. 1877 Spidel, Dorothy, d. 6/21/1978, Barry Co., MI
De Bolt, Charles, d. 1934 Lapham, Joyce Marie, d. 1940 Spidel, Hazel, d. 9/12/1995, Barry Co., MI
De Bolt, Clarence, d. 1940 Lapham, Leander, d. 1901 Spidel, Vico F., d. 7/3/1981, Barry Co., MI
DeBolt, Edith, d. 1939, unknown, Gibson, Lapham, Leander, no dates Spire, Ed, d. 1925
DeBolt, Ina Florence, d. 8/14/1955, Barry Co., MI Lapham, Leota, d. 1938 Spire, Elizabeth, no dates
DeBolt, L. C., d. 1935 Lapham, Madrgaret Marie, d. 4/9/1991, Kent Co., MI Spire, Infants (4)
DeBolt, Prentice, d. 1903 Lapham, Millville, d. 1912 Spire, Lottie, d. 1934, unknown, Madison,
DeBolt, Wesley C., d. 1949 Lapham, Rachel, d. 1877 Spire, Louisa, d. 1927
Decker, Eva, d. 1917 Lapham, Ray, d. 1931 Spire, Lyman J., d. 1911
Decker, Stephen, d. 1939 Lapham, Ruth, d. 1936 Spire, William, d. 1894
DeLong, Clyde Jr., d. 1946 Lapham, W. C., d. 1863 Sponseller, Dale, d. 12/4/1993, Calhoun Co., MI
DeMaray, Marion, d. 1918 Larkin, Mary, d. 1936 Sponseller, Infant, d. 1944
DeMary , Elizabeth M., d. 1894 Latta, Amber Lynn Rose, d. 5/22/1981 Stamm, Duanne, d. 1934
DeMary , Mary E., d. 1866 Latta, James E., d. 10/1/1947 Stamm, Dwight, d. 1934
DeMary , William, d. 1866 Latting, Alice, d. 1920 Starring, Bertha J., d. 12/7/1989, Barry Co., MI
DeMary, Catherine, d. 1874 Latting, Eastman, d. 1945 Starring, Harry, d. 2/18/1968, Barry Co., MI
DeMary, Emma Belle, d. 5/11/1977, Barry Co., MI Latting, Harold, d. 1896 Strand, Nyla, d. 6/18/1993, Calhoun Co., MI, Cordray,
DeMary, Hazel, d. 4/18/1963, Calhoun Co., MI, Marshall, Latting, James, d. 1886 Streeter, Alonzo W., d. 1895
DeMary, Henry, d. 1902 Latting, Ruth Maud, d. 1902 Streeter, Chloey, d. 1890
DeMary, Infants (2), no dates Lawrence, Della, d. 1937 Stumpe, Valentine, d. 1878
DeMary, James H., d. 1899 Lawrence, Ernestine V., d. 12/27/1991, Calhoun Co., MI Swan, Augusta, d. 12/31/1965, Calhoun Co., MI
DeMary, Martha K., d. 1895 Lawrence, Fannie, d. 1940 Swan, Harry, d. 11/23/1971, Barry Co., MI
Demond, Lillian May, d. 9/26/1990, Barry Co., MI Lawrence, Genevieve, d. 1/18/1984, Barry Co., MI Swift, Arlie M., d. 1917
Demopouls, George Gust, d. 12/14/1960, Barry Co., MI Lawrence, L. R., d. 1910 Swift, Avah G., d. 11/8/1954, Barry Co., MI
Dewey, Thomas, d. 1897 Lawrence, Lewellyn, d. 1910 Swift, Ralph, d. 1939
Dickerson, Albert, d. 1928 Lawrence, Ralph, d. 12/1/1956, Barry Co., MI Swift, Sherman Orson, d. 10/25/1960, Barry Co., MI
Dickerson, Edna, d. 1963, unknown, Sharpstein, Lawrence, Ruby J., d. 1910 Thompson, Infant, d. 1946, unknown , child of Gordon,
Dickerson, Harry Leland, d. 6/25/1957, Barry Co., MI Lawrence, Sarah, d. 1897 Thompson, Jacob Wilson, d. 2/21/1912, Barry Co., MI
Dickerson, Manuel, d. 1917 Lee, George, no dates Thompson, Joyce I., d. 6/20/1963, Calhoun Co., MI
Dickerson, Margaret, d. 1917 Lee, Joseph, d. 1888 Thompson, Kevin, d. 9/26/1955, Branch Co., MI, baby,
Dillin, John C., d. 1902 Lee, Mary L., d. 1904 Thompson, Thomas C., d. 5/11/1962, Calhoun Co., MI
Dillin, Monte, no dates Leeman, Edward J., d. 1932 Thompson, William, d. 2/18/1994, Kingman, AZ
Dillin, Rachel P., d. 1906 Leeman, John, d. 1895 Tobias, Merton Jr., d. 12/15/1990, Barry Co., MI
Dingman, Alice, d. 2/13/1965, Barry Co., MI Leeman, Orley, d. 1887 Tobias, Olive C., d. 1947
Dingman, George Ray, d. 12/13/1970, Barry Co., MI Leinhart, Phillip, d. 2/15/1994, Ingham Co., MI Toby, Ernest S., d. 1951
Dingman, Howard LeRoy, d. 5/22/1984, Barry Co., MI Leither, James J., d. 1933 Toby, Mother, no dates
Dingman, Stella L., d. 12/10/1952, Barry Co., MI Leppo, Vivian, d. 1/22/1989, Haines City Townsend, Angeline, d. 1906
Donaldson, Lillian F., d. 6/6/1985, Barry Co., MI Lindsey, Marcus, d. 1/22/1961, Calhoun Co., MI Townsend, Arthur, d. 1918
Donaldson, Thomas A., d. 3/2/1977, Barry Co., MI Lindsey, Martha A., d. 1943 Townsend, Ezra, d. 1886
Donovan, Fern L., d. 5/7/1984, Barry Co., MI Lowell, George A., d. 2/15/1965, Barry Co., MI Townsend, Jeanette, no dates
Doty, Carl, d. 10/18/1986, Jackson Co., MI Lowell, Gertrude Eliza, d. 9/30/1970, Barry Co., MI Townsend, Sophia, d. 1892, unknwon
Downing, Glendale, d. 6/30/1964, Kalamazoo Co., MI Manning, Alice, d. 5/22/1988, Calhoun Co., MI Trimmer, Hannah D., d. 187
Downs, Hattie, d. 1879 Manning, Andrew, d. 5/7/1996, Barry Co., MI Trimmer, Lewis, d. 1887
Downs, Lulu, d. 1877 Manning, Burr Lyoyd, d. 3/4/1983, Calhoun Co., MI Tuttle, Eldon Carlton, d. 1/4/1996, Calhoun Co., MI
Downs, Nehemiah, d. 1899 Manning, Dorr Edward, d. 3/30/1993, Barry Co., MI Tuttle, Hazel May, d. 2/19/1996, Calhoun Co., MI
Downs, Tyron A., d. 1882 Manning, Edward, d. 3/10/1961 Tyler, Frederick B., d. 10/27/1967, Los Angeles, CA
Dunham, Catherine, d. 1906 Manning, Mable, d. 3/24/1987, unknown, Schroeder, Tyler, Lillian, d. 2/14/1975, Kankakee, IL
Dunham, Charles, d. 1895 Mapes, Alvah, d. 1926 Van Auken, Bryan, d. 10/3/1987, Eaton Co., MI
Dunham, Charlie, d. 1901 Mapes, Anna, d. 1887 Van Auken, Rex, d. 1919
Dunham, Emma, d. 1935 Mapes, Charley Walter, d. 1/22/1953, Barry Co., MI Van Auken, Severa, d. 1/16/1974, Ingham Co., MI
Dunham, Francis E., d. 9/13/1945, Barry Co., MI Mapes, Dale L, b. Apr 26, 1922, d. Apr 16, 2004 Van Avery, Marian F., d. 1891
Dunham, Henry, d. 1891 Mapes, Dean R., d. 7/3/1992, Stark Co., FL Van Houten, Eva, d. 1906
Dunham, Infant, no dates Mapes, Elisha G., d. 1849 Van Wagner, Douglas, d. 1934
Dunham, Lorana, d. 1851 Mapes, Ethel W., d. 11/24/1976, Barry Co., MI Van Wagner, Hattie, d. 1896
Dunham, Mother, no dates Mapes, Harriett M., d. 1897 Van Wagner, Le Roy, d. 1896
Dunham, Orr, d. 1939 Mapes, Harvey E., d. 9/24/1966, Montgomery Van Wagner, Martha, d. 1947
Dunham, Orson, d. 1886 Mapes, Hettie J., d. 1915 Van Wagner, Otis Faustine, d. 1876
Dunham, Walter, d. 1924 Mapes, Infant, d. 1877 Vanden Burg, Charles W., d. 1950
Dunn, Clifford Lewis, d. 5/13/1969, Kalamazoo Co., MI Mapes, Infant, d. 1879 Vanden Burg, Lillian, d. 4/28/1984, unknown, Plews,
Dunn, Clifford, Jr., d. 2/18/1980, Calhoun Co., MI Mapes, Infant, no dates Vanden Burg, Wesley, d. 1949
Dunn, Infant, no dates Mapes, Jane, d. 1849, unknown Varney, Donald E., d. 11/19/1979, Kent Co., MI
Ebersole, Burton L., d. 10/10/1993, St Augustine, FL Mapes, Josephine, d. 5/11/1987, Barry Co., MI Vickers, Mary E., d. 1933
Ecker, Hattie O., d. 1913 Mapes, Lee W., d. 7/19/1974, Calhoun Co., MI Vickers, Walter Howard, d. 3/15/1916, Barry Co., MI
Ecker, John M., d. 1910 Mapes, Oris E., d. 1926 Vickers, Walter, d. 11/19/1946, Barry Co., MI
Ecker, Mark H., d. 7/26/1958, Ingham Co., MI Mapes, Sylvia E., d. 6/29/1993, Barry Co., MI Vliek, Joanne Emma, d. 10/9/1952, Barry Co., MI
Eldred, Amber, d. 1895 Mapes, Walter, d. 12/21/1909, Barry Co., MI Vliek, Johannes, d. 10/8/1952, Barry Co., MI
Eldred, Coral, d. 1943 Marco, Bessie, d. 10/4/1977, Calhoun Co., MI Voorhess, Carl, d. 8/17/1961
Eldred, Minnie, d. 1951 Marco, Dominic, d. 9/15/1991, Kent Co., MI Voorhess, Doris, d. 12/1/1984, Vero Beach, FL
Eldred, Verdan, d. 6/27/1995, Battle Creek, MI Marsh, Charlotte, d. 1905 Wagner, Glen L. Sr., d. 11/12/1995, Barry Co., MI
Elliot, Chester, d. 5/22/1913, Barry Co., MI Marsh, Jennie, d. 12/12/1953, Calhoun Co., MI Walton, Catharine, d. 1914
Elliot, James, d. 1935 Marsh, Lewis, d. 1915 Walton, Enos Edmonds, d. 1935
Elliot, Levi, d. 1919 Marsh, unknown, d. 1/1954 Ward, Clyde Edward, d. 6/14/1971, Calhoun Co., MI
Elliot, Matilda A., d. 3/7/1908, Barry Co., MI Marshall, Dorothy, d. 1892 Ward, D. C., d. 9/21/1961, Calhoun Co., MI
Elliot, Paul A., d. 9/7/1909, Barry Co., MI Marshall, Freeland, d. 2/22/1962, Genesee Co., MI Ward, Ernest J., d. 10/19/1941
Elliott, Ethel G., d. 7/24/1967, Eaton Co., MI Marshall, George, d. 1888 Ward, Gerald L., d. 1952
Elliott, Grace, d. 11/20/1980, Barry Co., MI Marshall, Glen, no dates Ward, Gerald, d. 1929
Elliott, Jerry, d. 1933 Marshall, Harvey, d. 2/28/1947, Barry Co., MI Ward, Infant, d. 1926
Elliott, Nora, d. 1925 Marshall, Infant, d. 1925 Ward, Mary Alie, d. 6/9/1989, Calhoun Co., MI
Elliott, Ralph Oliver, Sr., d. 6/23/1972, Calhoun Co., MI Marshall, John, d. 5/18/1910, Barry Co., MI Ward, Susie W., d. 1950
Ellis, Cecil C., d. 2/15/1981, Barry Co., MI Marshall, Katherine, d. 5/26/1961, Barry Co., MI Watkins, Evla, d. 1942
Ellis, Marie H., d. 9/22/1989, Calhoun Co., MI Marshall, Vern, d. 1/16/1986, Barry Co., MI Watkins, Floyd J., d. 1942
Elliston, Cora V., d. 1925 Martens, Gertrude B., d. 3/30/1967, Barry Co., MI Watkins, George R., d. 1947
Elliston, Frank, d. 1937 Martens, John H., d. 1949 Watkins, George, d. 1898
Elliston, Ida, d. 12/4/1979, Barry Co., MI Martin, Etta N., d. 2/19/1953, Barry Co., MI Watkins, Julia, no dates
Elliston, Ira C., d. 9/27/1959, Eaton Co., MI Martin, George S., d. 1/1/1953, Barry Co., MI Watkins, Sammie, d. 1891
Elliston, Jack O., d. 10/8/1977, Barry Co., MI Martin, Iva, d. 4/5/1969, Barry Co., MI Watrous, Nettie, d. 1950
Elliston, Ladora E., d. 1930 Mason, Charles, d. 10/8/1960, Calhoun Co., MI Weaks, Earl, d. 1967
Ellston, George, d. 1878 Mason, Estella, d. 1935 Weaks, Infant, d. 1886, unknown, boy,
Elston, Amelia, d. 1934, unknown, Clark, Mason, George Elwood, d. 10/23/1978, Kalamazoo Co., MI Weaks, Julia, d. 1939
Elston, Robert, no dates Mason, Harry, d. 1936 Weaks, Marion S., d. 3/5/1911, Barry Co., MI
Ely, Earl, d. 9/17/1909, Barry Co., MI, baby, Mason, Imodene W., b. May 13 1927, d. 1972 Weaks, Mildred, d. 7/29/1991, Calhoun Co., MI
Ely, Infant, no dates Mason, Iva, d. 1888 Weaks, William Lee, d. 10/29/1967, Calhoun Co., MI
Ely, Mary Jane, d. 1912 Mason, John, d. 1948 Weever, Bernard, d. 10/13/1974, Calhoun Co., MI
Ely, Mildred, d. 1933 Mason, Lillian A., b. Oct 19, 1872, d. 7/16/1959, Calhoun Co., MI Weever, Larry A., d. 2/1/1985, Calhoun Co., MI
Emery, Jarvis, d. 1888 Mason, Lillian H., d. 11/27/1987, Allegan Co., MI Welcher, Chloe C., d. 1919
Emery, Martha, d. 1937 Mason, Loyal H., d. 1/3/1966, Kalamazoo Co., MI Welcher, Ed, d. 1930
Emery, Paulina C., d. 1922 Mason, Martha S., d. 1951 Welcher, Mabel, d. 8/21/1935, Barry Co., MI, Ely,
Emery, Rozerno M., d. 1922 Mattie, Harriett, d. 1922 Welcher, Nathan, d. 1948
Emmingham, Jimina, d. 1886 Mattie, John, d. 1901 Welcher, William, d. 3/17/1995
Emmingham, Joseph, d. 1879 Mayo, Belle, d. 1907 Welever, Josephine, d. 1876
Endsley, Marjorie, d. 11/13/1991, Barry Co., MI Mayo, Claude, d. 1939 Welker, Dora E., d. 5/26/1916, Barry Co., MI
Endsley, Marjorie, d. 12/14/1988, Barry Co., MI Mayo, Fannie, d. 1882 Welker, Grace, d. 10/18/1980, Barry Co., MI
Eno, Albert L., d. 5/18/1911, Barry Co., MI Mayo, Fred J., d. 5/25/1948, Barry Co., MI Welker, Grover, d. 12/3/1980, Barry Co., MI
Eno, Andrew T., d. 4/27/1902, Barry Co., MI Mayo, George Edward, d. 1946 Welker, W. E., d. 1949
Eno, Andrew W., d. 3/28/1916, Barry Co., MI Mayo, Harry, d. 1932 Wendal, Ada, d. 1873
Eno, Ansil, d. 1946 Mayo, Ina E., d. 10/12/1959, Wayne Co., MI Wendal, Elenora, d. 1873
Eno, Howard, d. 9/8/1909, Barry Co., MI Mayo, Infant, d. 1887 Whalen, Jeanette, d. 12/30/1965, Calhoun Co., MI
Eno, Louisa, d. 1876 Mayo, James, no dates Whalen, William Robert, d. 12/25/1982, Barry Co., MI
Eno, Maggie, d. 1898 Mayo, Lizzie F., d. 1937 Wheeler, Amasa A., d. 1901
Eno, Maurice R., d. 7/2/1965, Barry Co., MI Mayo, Nellie M., d. 1/9/1963, Calhoun Co., MI Wheeler, Clara B., d. 1884
Eno, May A., d. 9/14/1971, Eaton Co., MI Mayo, Robert M., d. 1926 Wheeler, Curtis, d. 1889
Eno, Nina Belle, d. 3/30/1966, Barry Co., MI Mayo, William, no dates Wheeler, Mrs., no dates
Eno, Vern, d. 1905 McBeth, Mrs., no dates Whitcomb, Charles, d. 1891
Eno, Vina, d. 1925 McCall, Virginia L., d. 5/14/1977, Barry Co., MI Whitcomb, Elizabeth, d. 1895
Eno, Will, d. 1930 McCartney, Curtis, d. 1938 Whitcomb, Henry, d. 1950
Evans, Carl F., d. 11/7/1957, Calhoun Co., MI McCartney, Ed, d. 1938 Whitcomb, Joseph, d. 1896
Evans, Caroline, d. 12/21/1952, Barry Co., MI McCartney, Elizabeth, d. 1876 Whitmore, Gilbert, d. 9/1/1911, Barry Co., MI
Evans, Charles, d. 1925 McCartney, Elizabeth, d. 1914 Whitmore, Infant, no dates
Evans, Dan, d. 1933 McCartney, George, d. 1914 Whitmore, Levi Otis, d. 5/2/1959, Barry Co., MI
Evans, Infants (2), d. 1903 McCartney, Gertrude Alice, d. 1944 Whitmore, Mrs., no dates
Evans, Jennie, no dates McCartney, Harriett, d. 1877 Whitmore, Rilla A., d. 7/18/1970, Barry Co., MI
Evans, Josephine, d. 6/23/1909, Barry Co., MI McCartney, John, d. 1928 Wilber, Peter, d. 1898
Evans, Margaret G., d. 11/18/1971, Calhoun Co., MI McCartney, Louisa, d. 1924 Wilber, Sarah Jane, d. 10/20/1905, Barry Co., MI
Fisher, Ronald, d. 12/8/1994, Barry Co., MI McCartney, Margaret, d. 1903 Wilcox, Job K., d. 1895
Flethcer, Leander, d. 10/5/1984, Calhoun Co., MI McCartney, Robert, d. 1899 Wilcox, Lloyd S., d. 8/17/1988, Barry Co., MI
Ford, Calvin, no dates McCulloch, Alex, d. 1938 Wilcox, Margaret, d. 1870
Ford, Cora N., d. 1935 McCulloch, Mattie Maud, d. 9/16/1954, Calhoun Co., MI Wilcox, Mary J., d. 1921
Foster , Albert, d. 11/6/1937, Barry Co., MI McGlocken, Pearl, d. 8/15/1969, Barry Co., MI Wilcox, Whitman, d. 1905
Foster, Alice, d. 1/31/1939, Barry Co., MI McIntrye, Alex, d. 1906 Wilkinson, Ida, d. 5/19/1956, Calhoun Co., MI
Franck, Elmer, d. 1929 McIntrye, Bert, d. 1935 Wilkinson, Jane, d. 5/16/1909, Barry Co., MI, Ellston,
Franck, Goldie, d. 1930 McIntrye, Clare, d. 5/28/1973, Calhoun Co., MI Wilkinson, John, d. 1918
Franck, Infant, d. 1930 McIntrye, Frances Isabell, d. 12/15/1979, Los Angeles, CA Wilkinson, Thomas, d. 1933
Franco, Shelly, d. 12/8/1994, Ingham Co., MI McIntrye, Ina, d. 1927 Will, Peggy Rae, d. 1929
Freese, Arthur S., d. 1/23/1985, Barry Co., MI McIntrye, Infants (3), no dates Williams, Josephine, d. 1892
Freese, Leona B., d. 10/31/1972, Barry Co., MI McIntrye, John H., d. 1947 Winslow, Ernest, d. 1905
Friddle, Lawrence, d. 3/1/1992, Kent Co., MI McIntrye, John, d. 1906 Winslow, Eva B., d. 1938
Friddle, Sarah Louanna, d. 7/11/1970, Calhoun Co., MI McIntrye, Laud A., d. 1916 Winslow, Father, d. 1888
Fuller, Frank, d. 1938 McIntrye, Mary, d. 1924 Winslow, George E., d. 1888
Fuller, Fred, d. 10/22/1968, Barry Co., MI McIntrye, Olive, d. 7/15/1989, Barry Co., MI Winslow, Jennie, d. 1891
Fuller, Sadie, d. 1938 McIntrye, Orson, d. 4/3/1966, Calhoun Co., MI Wolf, Adam, d. 1937
Fuller, Sarah E., d. 4/27/1971, Kalamazoo Co., MI McKee, Eliza A., d. 1921 Wolf, Adam, d. 1993
Furrow, Glenda, d. 3/20/1987, Barry Co., MI McKee, John Ritner, d. 12/3/1910, Barry Co., MI Wolf, Catherine, d. 1863
McKelvey, Audley, d. 6/1/1985, Ogemaw Co. Wolf, Cynthia, d. 1916
McKelvey, Carrie, d. 7/17/1983, St. Peterburg, FL Wolf, Daniel, d. 1924
McKelvey, Clarence, d. 6/24/1991, Barry Co., MI Wolf, Delia A., d. 1945
McKelvey, Estella M., d. 1/3/1974, Barry Co., MI Wolf, Enos, d. 1902
McKelvey, Eva C., d. 4/22/1941 Wolf, Margaret, d. 1901
McKelvey, Harry, d. 12/17/1972, Barry Co., MI Wolf, Mary, d. 1882
McKelvey, Hugh Leach, d. 1924 Wolf, Roy, d. 1938
McKelvey, Ilah May, d. 8/28/1991, Barry Co., MI Wolfe, Carey Lynn, d. 1/11/1972, Calhoun Co., MI
McKelvey, Infant, d. 1919, unknown, boy, Wolfe, Donald, d. 12/1975, Barry Co., MI
McKelvey, Isabella, d. 1878 Wolff, Emma Lena, d. 2/28/1971, Eaton Co., MI
McKelvey, J., d. 1900 Wolff, Frank, d. 12/21/1986, Eaton Co., MI
McKelvey, James A., d. 1946 Wolff, Lester, d. 9/20/1940, Barry Co., MI, baby,
McKelvey, James H., d. 1862 Wood, Betty J., d. 3/3/1969, Calhoun Co., MI
McKelvey, James, d. 1893 Wood, Edgar, d. 1936
McKelvey, Jennifer Louise, d. 12/4/1980, Barry Co., MI Wood, Grace Belle, d. 11/16/1946, Barry Co., MI
McKelvey, Johnston, d. 1896 Wood, Harry Arthur, d. 9/10/1983, Calhoun Co., MI
McKelvey, Lena, d. 1909 Wood, Infant, no dates
McKelvey, Leroy, d. 6/13/1978, Barry Co., MI Wood, Jennie, d. 1929
McKelvey, Lillian, d. 10/23/1987 Wood, Kevin Patrick, d. 10/5/1986, Barry Co., MI
McKelvey, Newell P., d. 4/8/1967, Calhoun Co., MI Wood, Rachel Ann, d. 1932
McKelvey, Sarah, d. 1886 Wood, Ruth, d. 5/26/1962, Barry Co., MI
McKelvey, Sarah, d. 1934 Woodard, Ora E., d. 9/28/1965, Calhoun Co., MI
McKelvey, Stanley, d. 7/14/1980, Barry Co., MI Wooley, Eva L., d. 1942, unknown, McIntyre,
McKelvey, Victor Eugene, d. 1949 Wooley, Melton C., d. 1/19/1954, Citus Co., FL
McMannis, Rozetta, d. 1914 Wooley, Perry, d. 10/10/1919, Barry Co., MI
McMannis, Walter, d. 1947 Wrench, Gola Bell, d. 9/28/1990
McMore, Anna Eliza, d. 1906 Wrigglesworth, Charles Edward, no dates
McMore, David, d. 1927 Wrigglesworth, Cleo, d. 11/6/1978, Barry Co., MI
McMore, David, no dates Wrigglesworth, Harley Jr., d. 12/16/1993, Barry Co., MI
McMore, Hester, d. 1882 Wrigglesworth, Harley Sr., d. 4/21/1994, Barry Co., MI
McMore, Tracy, d. 1888 Wright, Amos, d. 1896
McOmber, Albert, d. 1932 Wright, Charles O., d. 1942
McOmber, Emily, d. 1900, unknown, Sanford, Wright, Clare J., d. 12/1/1982, Calhoun Co., MI
McOmber, James N., d. 1930 Wright, Forrest Lyle, d. 2/20/1990, Calhoun Co., MI
McOmber, Laura B., d. 1923 Wright, Gertrude, d. 1/3/1968, Barry Co., MI
McOmber, Myrtle, d. 1946 Wright, Glenneda, d. 7/23/1979, Kent Co., MI
McOmber, Otis Dorr, d. 1870 Wright, Herbert J., d. 11/18/1942, Barry Co., MI
McOmber, Pliny, d. 1914 Wright, Infants (3), no dates
McPeck, Blanch, d. 1926 Wright, Josephine, d. 1906
McPeck, Hattie, d. 9/27/1955, Barry Co., MI Wright, Maude L., d. 8/6/1962, Calhoun Co., MI
McPeck, Lydia, d. 1920 Wright, Orin J., d. 9/21/1964, Calhoun Co., MI
McPeck, Matt, d. 1939 Wright, Phillip David, d. 6/6/1988, Kalamazoo Co., MI
McPeck, Richard, d. 1925 Yourex, Ann, d. 4/13/1911, Barry Co., MI
McPherson, Roma, d. 2/4/1969, Calhoun Co., MI Yourex, Frank, d. 1925
McPherson, Theodore Duncan, d. 3/6/1953, Calhoun Co., MI Yourex, John, d. 1906
Mead, Marlin R., d. 1907 Yourex, Nora, d. 1887
Mead, Rhobea, d. 1930
Mendez, Carol, d. 9/8/1993, Santa Ana, CA
Messimer, Harry, d. 8/3/1985
Millard, Graham, d. 1935
Millard, N. A., d. 1972
Miller, Benjamin F., d. 1880
Miller, Benjamin, d. 1896
Miller, David, d. 1892
Miller, Edna, d. 1899
Miller, Elizabeth, d. 1912
Miller, Infant, unknown, son of D & E,
Miller, Johnnie A., d. 1880
Miller, Joseph, d. 1886
Miller, Maud, no dates
Miller, Olive, d. 1876
Miller, Sarah F., d. 1921
Miller, Will, d. 1930
Mix, Russell, d. 12/27/1989, Barry Co., MI
Moon, Alice, d. 1915
Moon, Charlie, d. 1888
Moon, Dora, d. 3/28/1920, Barry Co., MI
Moon, James, d. 4/2/1920, Barry Co., MI
Mooney, Cecille E., d. 2/16/1992, Calhoun Co., MI
Moore, Albert, d. 1875
Moore, Clara, d. 1933
Moore, Elizabeth, d. 1898
Moore, Elmer, d. 1934
Moore, George, d. 1891
Moore, Infant, unknown, child of E,
Morgan, Ola, d. 6/24/1963, Calhoun Co., MI
Morgan, Richard Sands, d. 5/3/1965, Barry Co., MI
Morganthaler, Carl, d. 1949
Morganthaler, Edith, d. 11/21/1908, Barry Co., MI
Morganthaler, Infant, d. 1905, unknown, daughter,
Morganthaler, Infant, unknown, son