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Included is documentation starting from the time George Marshall (Marschall) brought his wife Elizabethia, and four children, George Jr., Jacob, Margaretha and John (Johann) from Bavaria, Germany to the U.S in 1833.  George Marshall and his family left the French port of Le Havre aboard the ship "Brig Cervantes" bound for New York City.

The manifest lists a fifth child 'Johann'. It is now know that son John and Johann are one and the same. Johann is the German spelling for John.

The Marshall Family Tree is a STATIC representation of ALL family members and is not dynamically created as you view the family members. To do so, each person who is represented in this tree, has his or her own web page made and stored on our server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is very labor intensie to build this site in this manner. So why not have have the site created dynamically? The reason is because web crawlers, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. regularly search all web addresses and download all text that is stored statically on these web sites and put the contents in huge indexed databases. Therefore, the aim is that anyone one the web can input a specific name (in quotes) on any of these search engines will then display matches andl provide the person sending the query, a link directly that person's page on the Marshall Family Tree web site. This page contains the information and links (mother, father and children (if applicable). Of course in not all cases has that been found, or in case of children, not applicable.

Presently, as of September 1, 2009, I have built, posted and cross-linked all the pages for over 700 people comprising the Marshall Family Tree and some extended related families. These 700 people are primarily the Marshall's from Seneca County, Ohio that imigrated to the USA from Bavaria, Germany in 1833 and then moved to Barry County, Maple Grove Township around 1856-66. Only of few of the current Marshall descendants from the originals remain in the Barry County area of Michigan, the remainder, likely well over 1000 in number, have dispersed throughout the country, and in my case I have returned to the U.S. A from Australia.

The passenger list, which we located at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. in December 2003, indicated that the family was bound for Ohio after arriving in the U.S.  Indeed the family went to Seneca County, Ohio in 1833.  About 1851, George and his three sons, George, Jacob (Jake) and John setup farming in Maple Grove Township in Barry County Michigan.  However, only son John and George Jr permanently stayed in Michigan, while son Jacob (Jake) and daughter Margaretia stayed in Seneca County, Ohio along with their mother and father.

It was at this time they decided to change their surname from Marchael or Marschall to Marshall.

To understand the name convention, the name George Marshall 1-1 is the top of Marshall Family Tree. There are several George Marshall's in the Tree, so in case of George Marshall who is in the fourth generation and the sixth George Marshall his name is displayed George Marshall 6-4

Marshall's have been moving to the U.S. since the early 1600's. Some have become rather succesful including John Curtis Marshall, who was Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1801-1835. His lineage is the Marshall clan from Virginia.
Many other Marshall clans, numbering in the hundreds, who may or may not have common lineages from Europe are currently being investigated by the Ybase Organization. This organization has already made clear steps in piecing the puzzle together based on genealogy markers. The above web site will link you to where you can find further details in determining common ancestrial linkage back to over 1000 years.
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If you have information that you would like added to the Marshall Family Tree please contact:
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